Windows Privacy Tools

What is WinPT ?

Windows Privacy Tools (WinPT) is a collection of multilingual applications for easy digital encryption and signing of content.

It's GnuPG-based, compatible with OpenPGP compliant software (like PGP) and free for commercial and personal use under the GPL. For more information, please see the manual's section on What's WinPT.

Help and support

If you need help with WinPT, please visit the Support section.

Developers and contributors

If you want to participate and help with this project, please read FAQ section. If you want to specifically help with translation, please read this FAQ section.


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Last update from SourceForge: 28-May-2003 at 06:01:55 (PDT)

WinPT Tray 1.5.3. released
Latest binary version: [ download ] [ signature ]
sha1sum: bccda3914f63ab70bb39d7118887ed824872c908

Source code: [ download ] [ signature ]
sha1sum: 050f93a0d74385ce90e8934e49c11f171d495c5a

Windows Privacy Tools 1.0rc2 released
    magicfab - 28-Apr-2003 12:52 (PDT)

WinPT site translated to Italian, now online
    magicfab - 22-Apr-2003 19:35 (PDT)

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